UCB1-GPS Partners With iView Systems To Protect Retail

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Ottawa, April 10, 2014, UCB1 Global Protection Services (UCB1-GPS) is proud to announce today its partnership with iView Systems as the North American retail loss prevention solutions partner for the iTrak ® Incident Management – BI application.

This collaboration will allow UCB1-GPS the ability to add to its wide range of Protective Services Solutions and offer the retail loss prevention and healthcare security industry in North America the iTrak ® Incident Management and BI product platform designed to provide their client-partners with real time business intelligence to effectively manage their organizations. In many companies, the Loss Prevention and Asset Protection function has continued to evolve into a recognized “investment” rather than a point of overhead as the information collected by these teams is being recognized as a source of actionable business intelligence.

“I have too often seen the disadvantages that not having the relevant data can have. The key to any effective security program is to have the access to the information where and when you need it,” says Kevin Ling, President & CEO of UCB1 Global Protection Services. “The additional challenge for LP teams to provide the level of value they want can be difficult if they do not have a way to share relevant data with other business stakeholders.”

Mr. Ling discovered the advantages of the iView System application platform when researching different systems for a recent customer data project.

“In working with our different client-partners, the commonality we recognized was that there was a lack of communication between different business departments and functions due to a “cylinder of excellence” mindset that fostered the idea that if things were fine in my specific area then I assume they are the same across the company.”

At a time when many businesses are seeking help to converge technology, to manage operations and to improve the bottom line, simple-to-use reporting and management tools are essential. UCB1-GPS and iView Systems’ integrated protective services solution can very simply correlate incidents, events and business risk intelligence data to produce actionable insights housed on a single reporting platform using powerful business intelligence methodologies, providing an end-to-end case management system.

“In a highly competitive retail environment, businesses will need to continue to look for advantages to lower losses and to increase profit retention. Through the application of iTrak® and by reducing the response time for reporting incidents such as theft and fraud, we are able to provide our customers with technology solutions that will result in improved security, safety, productivity and reduced costs which result in increased profits to the business,” states Ling.

“Our Business Is Protecting Your Business”

About UCB1 Global Protection Services:

UCB1 Global Protection Services (UCB1-GPS) operates its headquarters from the nation’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The company was created to provide public and private sector organizations with a wide range of protective services solutions tailored to reflect its core business values of Pride, Professionalism and Purpose.

UCB1-GPS provides services in the areas of Uniformed Services, Surveillance & Intelligence Strategies, Security Technology Applications, Training Resources, Executive Services and Risk Management Consulting.These offerings and the continued commitment to its values will position UCB1 Global Protection Services as the industry leader to provide its client-partners with world class services.


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About iView Systems:

iView Systems provides leading enterprise security software solutions. Its flagship product, iTrak, offers a common platform for the convergence of Physical Security Information Management transactions for security, surveillance and loss prevention environments. iView Systems transforms the way incidents and events are managed by providing a collective knowledge centre from recording to identifying to analysis of cause, turning your incident data into actionable intelligence. iView Systems’ solution suite includes fully integrated incident reporting, officer dispatch, facial and license place recognition and visitor management. These solutions are designed to increase security intelligence, improve productivity and response rates, while meeting compliance objectives and maximizing ROI.


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