UCB1-GPS Joins Forces with Safe International

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UCB1 Global Protection Services joins forces with Safe International to promote Community Safety in 2014

As part of its commitment to provide safer and secure communities, UCB1 Global Protection Services (UCB1-GPS) is joining force with Safe International, a leading provider of personal safety and protection instruction world wide.

Safe International, with operations in Canada, the United States, Ireland and Australia, is overseen by Managing Director, Chris Roberts, who with over 20 years of experience in the self defense field, has continued on his mission to  empower 500,000 women in self-defense by 2020.

“We feel this collaboration will go a long way to enhancing the ability of our organization to demonstrate the value that a complete protective services solution can be to those most at risk in the community,” says Kevin Ling, President & CEO of UCB1 Global Protection Services and the Chief Instructor at Standardized Tactical Training Solutions Academy.

“At UCB1-GPS, our advantage has always been, that we have the knowledge, ability and resources to assist our client- partners in any security capacity they required. This relationship only continues to build on that ability and ensures our client-partners have access to the practical and common sense approach to personal safety that Safe International provides.

“In the past, many people were hesitant to learn self defense concepts.” says Mr. Roberts, “Today we can say that many of the men and women who attend our classes leave with the positive mentality that self-defence is a natural thing to learn and that it is also an achievable goal.

“Simply put, we keep it simple. We teach the basics and that allows for retainable and executable solutions to real-life violence.”

“We try and teach our class participants so that they can be empowered to ‘Not Be  A Victim’ and that instinctive reactions to various threat situations are often the most effective to escape and survive an attack.” says Roberts.

“In working with our different community groups, we know that often the most direct and simplest solution may be what is necessary, and when it comes to the world of personal self defense, this is absolutely true.

The approach that Safe International takes gives people of all levels executable skills to feel secure in any environment and is at the core of what we as an organization believe.” says Mr. Ling.

About UCB1 Global Protection Services:

UCB1 Global Protection Services (UCB1-GPS) operates its headquarters from the nation’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The company was created to provide public and private sector organizations with a wide range of protective services solutions tailored to reflect its core business values of Pride, Professionalism and Purpose.

UCB1-GPS provides services in the areas of Uniformed Services, Surveillance & Intelligence Strategies, Security Technology Applications, Training Resources, Executive Services and Risk Management Consulting.  As a dedicated community partner, UCB1-GPS remains committed to increasing safety awareness and self-defense training accessibility to all.

These offerings and the continued commitment to its values will position UCB1 Global Protection Services as the industry leader to provide its client-partners with world class services.

UCB1 Global Protection Services

Operations Manager

Alison Cushnie

Main: 1-613-482-0511 ext. 103

Toll Free: 1-855-UCB1-GPS (8221-477)


About SAFE International:

SAFE International has committed to teaching 500,000 people its unique form of self-defense and awareness, and with a belief that every person should know how to defend themselves to survive.

With acts of random violence becoming more commonplace now than ever, the more you know how to recognize dangers before they materialize and to take actions to avoid them, combined with a stronger confidence to defend yourself, the less likely you are to use violence.


SAFE International

Managing Director

Chris Roberts