Technology Services

Incident Case Management & BI Applications

We have recently partnered with iView Systems the maker of iTrak BI an industry leading incident case management software.

Our reporting system allows you to record, analyze and report on multiple data points simultaneously. Combined with our customized 'HELP' hotline services (Health & Safety, Employee Assistance, Loss Prevention) we can provide you access to real time data on many of your business risk indicators which allows you to respond in a timely and efficient manner.

CCTV Installation & Remote Video Applications

We have a wide selection of digital CCTV and Cloud based video monitoring applications that will provide the security coverage to keep our customers, and their assets, safe.

We support the latest technology, including the best in cloud based video monitoring services but can also provide support on a range of platforms such as legacy CCTV Analogue, IP and Hybrid Systems, Access Control, PA Systems, Fire Detection, Off Site Monitoring and POS Integration.

We’ve served various industries and met a variety of security and surveillance needs for both small and large enterprises.

We continue to actively stay abreast with the latest technology and specialize in the supply, sale, rental, installation and maintenance of all CCTV and related products. We maintain strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure we offer the best surveillance brands and ultimately the best products and service, and our track record stands as testimony.

Alarm Installation & Monitoring Services

Our security monitoring solution offers you:

A monitored system 24 hours a day, seven days a week
A response team of security vehicles to respond to your alarm activity (separate fee applies)
A service that is programmed to signal an emergency at the touch of a button
Protection against alarm tampering
Optional internal smoke and Co2 detectors that will report directly to the monitoring station
Fault detection and reporting
Notification when a power failure occurs

Data Hosting Services & User Applications has partnered with a range of professional data hosting providers to deliver your business-critical applications in a cost-effective, scaleable, secure and risk-reduced manner.

Through our application partners we can design, host and manage applications from a "software as a service" perspective and our clients can access their data via our secure servers anywhere in the world.

Our service model will save you time, effort and money by simplifying ongoing system reliability and support, while adding business value in the form of enhanced operational flexibility, improved and guaranteed system performance and access to industry leading enterprise applications.

With our team of server management professionals and the availability of our data processing services being conducted by our partners, our clients can instead focus on their core businesses and leave the rest to us.

Contact us for more information or to request one of our security consultants be sent to your area to evaluate your site and recommend the best solution for your needs and requirements.