Company History


Public and private organizations of all sizes face multiple risks that can seriously impact business processes, and these risks are worsened when they have to rely on incomplete or biased information when faced with critical decision making.
At Arlington Group Inc. we have brought together some of the best from across the safety, security and intelligence spectrum who are committed to our singular mission of providing the highest level of professional services to all of our client-partners.
Our Organization
UCB1 Global Protection Services (UCB1) specializes in providing physical security, event management staffing and technical security support resources for organizations of all sizes.

Our Services:

·        Uniformed Guard Services ·      High Value Armed Transports
·        Close Protection ·       Mobile Response Services
·        Special Event Management ·       Training Services
·        Community Safety Programs ·       Video Surveillance

AG Risk Management (AGRM) is a leader in providing risk management and critical incident management services that help business enterprises gain higher economic returns and increase stakeholder confidence by protecting against the adverse impacts of business disruption.

Our Services:

·        Enterprise Risk Management ·       Technical Security Solutions
·        Intelligence & Surveillance Services ·       Crisis Management
·        Training Services ·       Radicalization & Threat Identification

Through our intelligence and data analysis approach we provide our client – partners solutions to their specific needs that many other organizations are unable to match.

 “Organizations are best served when they are well informed and AGs strategies can minimize the inherent risk to their organizations by ensuring that the proper procedures and processes are in place and combined with our support services we can deliver to ensure you are protected where and when you need it the most.”


Kevin A. Ling

CEO, Managing Director

UCB1 – Arlington Group Inc.