Company History


In 2007, the founder of UCB1 Global Protection Services (UCB1-GPS) understood that the public need for a higher qualified, better trained and highly motivated security professional must be achieved through the development and execution of customer centric training programs that would yield a higher level of service than the average security service company could provide.

Today that level of service has arrived.

Through the deployment of our field operating unit, which we launched in the fall of 2011, the Protective Services Division (P.S.D.) obtained initial success in varied, but challenging security environments such as special events, entertainment venues and private retail-centers where our staff and undercover LP operatives performed their duties with care and professionalism, which created an atmosphere of customer safety and satisfaction that far outreached those of our competitors.

We continued those successes with our creation of the Surveillance Intelligence & Executive Services branch where we supplied under cover operatives and plain-clothes close protection agents for those clients with more unique and specific needs.

The next addition to UCB1-GPS offerings would be, which provides continual support to our field operators as well as offers security solutions to our valuable customer needs. Our range of security technology offerings provides a new layer of improved protection and helped to establish our overall selling proposition that still exists today of providing a complete Protective Services Solution for our client-partners. That solution includes: security personnel, mobile patrols, remote video monitoring, CCTV systems, personal life safety training services, as well as high threat and investigative services for those clients who rely on the peace of mind that UCB1-GPS offers.

As we continue to expand our market and service offerings it will become clear that there is no other firm in the security industry with the kind of comprehensive and customer focused approach to security and investigative solutions than UCB1-GPS.

Our Business is Protecting Your Business