LP & Asset Protection Consulting

Experience Matters

Senior leaders expect more from their support partners, and at UCB1-GPS we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence.


Our LP & Asset Protection consulting team brings over 60 years of combined multi-unit, national level experience to your organization.

We can help you focus on the large problems first, as a small percentage of your locations often cause a disproportionate amount of loss and profit drain.

Our Specilaities

At UCB Global Protection Services we strive to provide the highest level of professionalism and results in the industry. Our commercial Loss Prevention solutions are designed to fit any business model, and can be tailored to fit our clients’ specific needs.

Whether you require field level support for your external apprehension or civil recovery program or your business needs help developing a strategic operational audit system, our dedicated team of business specialists will bring multi-unit and national experience to find the solution that best fits your needs.

UCB1-GPS can, through its vast internal and external partner network, provide a virtually endless menu of Loss Prevention support to your organization.

The success of your business relies on a company that can provide accurate, timely and comprehensive information. This minimizes the risk of internal dishonesty issues, harassment complaints, and work place violence which have become more prevalent in the work place.