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I wanted to share an article I read regarding one individuals take on the Ferguson Shooting of Micheal Brown http://chrishernandezauthor.com/2014/08/24/a-dose-of-reality-for-ferguson-missouri/ and the now almost silent reporting of the autopsy and eye witness reports that shed a truer and more fair light on what actually happened that night between Mr. Brown and the officer.

As a black man I have often been challenged by both friends and family whenever a “cop on black” incident has occurred because their feeling is that I will always side with LEOs due to my close affinity to many in the profession.

Now I am not stating unequivocally that there does not exist within the law enforcement community an element of racial bias amongst some members, however my static and often disregarded response is that I view each of these incidents as not a racial crime first but an offender and law enforcement official  altercation.

I feel it’s necessary to be specific and state offender vs subject as in cases whereby the person who is engaged with the police or other LEO official has decided to disregard the instructions and has they have also made physical contact with the officer, at that point they are in my opinion committing an offence and cease to be simply a subject.

Many times the news reports that some police officer, security operator, or other member who has a responsibility to protect life and safety has simply without provocation done harm or worse killed an “innocent” and ” unarmed” person for no apparent reason.

This is often followed by the chorus of next day panel experts trotted out one after the other on the usual “news” channels where they pontificate about what they are certain happened during the incident although nothing they say is based on anything but what they heard on CNN or some other local 24 hour news station.

Now as I would be humble and never like to  refer to myself as an expert, I do however work to consistently base my position on my summary of personal observations, and only after a review of ALL available facts which I can draw from 25 years of experience in a variety of security, investigative and protection based capacities.

In short my position on our role in reporting or commenting on security related events is simple, be a professional, spend time to review the facts before you comment and leave the guessing to the reporters.

Please read and feel free to comment as I would welcome some perspective on this.


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Kevin A. Ling is the President & CEO of UCB1 Global Protection Services and has over 25 years of experience in the security, investigation and protection industry. His company UCB1-GPS provides surveillance, uniformed and training services to a range of clients across North America.

He holds positions on a variety of associations and is a current member of the Board of Directors for the Council of Private Investigators. He is the founder of the Arlington Group Inc which provides Surveillance, Intelligence and Executive Security Consulting services and is a lifetime supporter of the military and law enforcement community and developed a wide network of contacts within and without his chosen field.

He can be reached at kling@ucb1-gps.com or by telephone at 1-855-822-1477 ext 102.