PPCT – Defensive Tactics


PPCT is an acronym for Pressure Point Control Tactics. PPCT Management systems is the largest private law enforcement training organisation in the world.

UCB1 Global Protection Services President & CEO, Kevin A. Ling, is a certified PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor who personally oversees the training, development and deliverance of a number of accredited PPCT training courses.

PPCT is best recognised for developing training systems based on documented tactical, legal and medical research. This unique approach allows PPCT to design training systems that are quick and simple to learn, and easy to retain, while reducing the potential for significant injuries.

The approach of the PPCT system has made it the standard in the law enforcement and private sector community as the  use-of-force methodology is both effective and legally defensible in court. Today, PPCT has expanded its research to become an international authority in non-lethal force subject control, tactical firearms and survival training.

UCB1-GPS can deliver the following PPCT courses:

  • Defensive Tactics
  • Pressure Point Control
  • Subject Control/ Tactical Handcuffing
  • Impact Weapon/Collapsible Baton
  • Inmate Control
  • Violent Patient Management
  • Firearm/ Impact Weapon Retention

See individual course listings for more information.